Server Documentation. Starting/Stopping the server :

To start the server it's important to follow the next steps. In first term we must compile and build the daemons, once it is done we must generate the proxy daemon configuration file:

:~me$ viragod --first-run

Once the file is build (/etc/virago/viragod.conf) it's possible to modify the daemon general preferences. After this we can start the daemon with the following command:

:~me$ viragod

After this complex step, we have the proxy daemon running. Now it's possible to start the cameras servers using another complex command:

:~me$ viragovideod

It's important to do this in this order, because the video daemons need a proxy daemon to subscribe to. Finally to finish them we can use the next commands:

:~me$ viragod -k

to end the proxy daemon,

:~me$ viragovideod -k

to finish a video daemon.













In development

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